Club Communication

Keep in regular contact with all of your members and supporters so they understand if they can visit, what guidelines are in place and what measures the club is taking.

Provide regular, targeted updates


Club communication is absolutely vital at a time when there's so much information on Covid-19 but the situation might change quickly. Your club website needs to be the single, definitive source of information for players, parents, coaches, volunteers and visitors.


Plus, all clubs should use the Pitchero Apps, club email and social media channels to relay news quickly, targeting different membership groups, teams and audiences.

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Launch Covid-19 section of your website

There is a lot of Coronavirus-related guidance for clubs to understand and to share. Structuring this smartly means the right people see the right information and take action.

    1. Create custom sections - here's how
    2. Divide the information by audience - i.e.) coaches or visitors
    3. Label it as specifically as possible
    4. Regularly remind everyone to read it
    5. Here's an example from Richmond Cricket Club

Image: Richmond CC Covid-19 section of the club website.



Contact the whole club or specific groups


Every sports club will send out an enormous volume of information every month. The goal is to ensure readers notice and encourage them to act. As a rule, the more specific you can get, the better the results.

What does that mean? If you emailed everyone in the club with every Covid-19 update, they would all switch off quickly as it either didn't relate to them or it was overwhelming. Here's some top tips:


How and when is key

The channel and timing for your club communication matters as much as its content. It might be a case of using multiple methods like a group email plus Twitter and Facebook to try to have the broadest reach.

  • When is the best time for your audience?
  • Explore Twitter Analytics & Facebook Insights for data
  • Use headings, lists, bullet points and images
  • Always have a clear call-to-action

Club App & Manager App


All clubs and members can take advantage of their own free Club App and Manager App. Players and parents can be reassured by confirming availability and be told directly of any specific match details (like not turning up too early, parking arrangements, bring your own food and Track and Trace).


Club App
  • Send private and group messages - to a coach, individual player or team
  • Follow teams to know when and where they're playing
  • View club and team news, current and future matches

Manager App

  • Manage training - mark availability and attendance
  • Prompt players (or parents) for availability
  • Pick teams for matches and inform players and parents 
  • Send announcements - reminders on match venues and timings

Call-to-action & Club contacts


When writing content and sharing updates relating to Covid-19, it's important to lead and conclude with a call-to-action. It might simply be to follow this specific guidance - but emphasise and repeat it at the end.


Whether it's an email, group conversation via the Club app or a tweet, the ability to ask questions and reach the right club official is key.

Wherever possible, make sure there's an email, contact number or way of getting in touch.


Here's how to Manage staff and official contacts on the Club Website.