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Case study:
Growing membership and increasing revenue with online payments.
Nigel Pitt is Secretary at Panshanger FC and uses Pitchero Payments to process player registrations as well as reserving places in the club’s own football tournament. He sees clear benefits:
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“It’s the time-saving. You don’t have to do the admin, the banking, it’s all on the system so you’ve always got a record of transactions.”

He likes the fact that with Pitchero, running online payments is very flexible so clubs can then take products offline to cap numbers and not oversubscribe.

Panshanger Football Club link their products to a specific audience which reduces any confusion, prevents the need for refunds and speeds things up.

“You allocate a product and only those people can actually buy it, so the club can pick and choose. We actually hold a place for our own teams in our Panshanger tournament.”

It saves many hours for the volunteers who run the club by encouraging online payments:

“We were getting forms that you couldn’t read, cheques, cash...I remember having thousands of pounds in my house. With Pitchero, you know you’re getting what you asked.”

There is an obvious financial benefit for Panshanger FC to running their club payments online with Pitchero:

“Our tournament is near enough full by the end of February whereas before we were chasing in April and May for a tournament in June.”
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