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Case study:
Growing membership and increasing revenue with online payments.
Peter Mercer is President of Rainhill Cricket Club who plan to use Pitchero to help them become more organised, efficient and able to communicate better with members.
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The aim is to use online payments to cut down admin time and speed up money flowing directly to the club:

“We always have a terrible time to get people to pay their annual membership. With Pitchero, you can communicate directly and see if they have or haven’t paid.”

Rainhill Cricket Club already boasts a smart website with regular weekly articles and crisp photography but they see ways to improve managing membership:

We want to be a club that dispenses with cheque payments whose members pay directly into the bank account. If it drives us forward with more transparency and accountability then it’s going to be good.

The cricket club also appreciates the ability with Pitchero for members to spread the cost over time:

“The big advantage is staged payments. We could accept payments of £10 for those who’ve indicated they can’t pay in one go.”

In future, Rainhill’s goal is to get everyone’s email and details logged on Pitchero. That makes it easier to keep members informed and best use availability and selection through Pitchero’s Club and Manager apps.

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