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Case study:
Growing membership and increasing revenue with online payments.
Whitley Bay Sporting Club is a footballing success story that has morphed from 10 teams to now having 50; that’s a whopping 650 players on their books.
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That volume of membership comes with its own admin burdens. They have embraced Pitchero Payments as a way to make things more streamlined and keep the club finances steady; offering training and playing memberships:

“It’s made such a difference to us. We could not manage to do what we do without a) the management of information and b) the surety that we know the income then you can plan.”

As you can imagine, pitch fees alone can be a logistical challenge but also a financial one. They've seen a jump in the volume of match fees collected from 80-85% to 98% since moving to Pitchero Payments and that gives them freedom to look ahead.

As an additional benefit in terms of volunteer recruitment, as Whitley Bay Sporting Club has grown, people have seen the success and want to get involved:

“Because of (financial) stability, you have structure, are then able to provide the correct facilities then people start coming to you.”

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