Why Pitchero

12 reasons why your sports club should join Pitchero.

1. Make your volunteers happy

First and most important - Pitchero will help the essential volunteers who run your club.

We provide sports club volunteers with easy-to-use templates which will save them hours of time, remove frustration and stress, and give them quick access to the information they need.

A great club is not run by one person, but by lots of volunteers working together. Pitchero is a platform which all volunteers can use - allowing work to be shared, making big jobs small jobs. 

Pitchero Services For Volunteers

2. Increase club revenue

Pitchero research shows, when a club registers members online and collects payments online, they collect more payments. The average increase is 30%!!

Why? Because officials can quickly see who has and has not paid. The non-payer can be reminded to pay with an email and missed payments quickly reduced.

By using Pitchero to collect your membership payments, your club could collect 30% more revenue. Wow!

This leaves just one question - how will you spend the extra cash?


3. Improve club management

IT computer systems are common in all workplaces and the home - so why not your club?

Pitchero provides time-saving sports club management tools for: registering players, managing membership data, collecting payments, organising fixtures, posting club news and much more.

Stop using notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, endless emails and broken WhatsApp groups.

Improve your club management with a quick IT upgrade from Pitchero.

4. Recruit new players

When a player or parent searches for a new club - they will start with a Google search. Plus, they are most likely to be searching using a mobile phone, not a desktop website.

What will that potential member be looking for?

  • A modern club with lots of recent activity.
  • Up-to-date match content - fixtures, match results and league tables.
  • Team information - player profiles and training times.
  • Team manager contact details - email address and mobile phone number.
  • A smart professional website, which works great on a small mobile screen.
  • An area to register online and pay membership fees.

A Pitchero website answers all of these questions and more.

We can make your club stand out from the rest - with a smart professional website, packed with recent content, match information, contact details and online registration.

Attract the best players with a Pitchero club website.

Pitchero Clubhouse Recruit new players Celebrating

5. Recruit new volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of your club. They make things happen - organise matches, register players, raise money and so much more.

A member is more likely to volunteer if they have the tools to make their job efficient and enjoyable.

Pitchero can offer new volunteers a modern, easy-to-use system for all administration tasks. They can access the control panel 24/7, filter data, collect payments, post news and edit fixtures, to name a few...

Follow simple user guides, online videos and templates. All this from any laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Your club will attract more volunteers with a Pitchero club website.

Pitchero Clubhouse Volunteers at a match helping people-1

6. Improve communications

The average Pitchero club has over 300 members, running from senior supporters to junior players, mums and dads. Communicating with these different teams is not always easy.

A club using Pitchero can post a news item in seconds, upload an event or message the entire club database.

Officials can filter communication by team or club role - sending targeted messages to parents and coaches.

Keeping your club members up-to-date is essential and with a Pitchero club website, it takes seconds.

6. Improve communications (1)

7. Excellent support

Pitchero prides itself on being easy to use. We provide a straightforward website builder template, with click and upload buttons.

You just need to upload the content and import your data - we do the rest including hosting and security.

But if you do need support, Pitchero provides an excellent support team who can provide email and telephone assistance, online guides and even screen sharing video calls for the entire committee!

All of this is included in your package fee. Pitchero provides amazing support every step of the way.

7. excellent support

8. 10,000 clubs and counting

Pitchero has been online for over 10 years. Many clubs have been using our service this entire time.

Every month, we power over 10,000 club websites, 60,000 teams and reach between 3 and 4 million players, parents and coaches. Our mobile apps are used by 300,000 users every month.

We are trusted, proven and the stand-out leader in this field.

By joining Pitchero, you are joining a community of sports clubs - each club wanting to grow their membership and make use of best-in-class sports club management tools.

Join the Pitchero community and take your club forward.

Pitchero Clubhouse 10000 clubs map locations

9. New updates every month

Pitchero employs a team of developers and product designers. They push new upgrades live every month and these updates are mostly free and part of your exciting package.

You can see all of the latest updates on the Pitchero blog.

We constantly work to make Pitchero better. Listening carefully to feedback from club officials so that we can build a product to make your club easier to run and more successful.


10. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Some clubs rely on just one person to manage their website and IT. But what happens if that person leaves the club? Or loses a computer, memory stick or deletes an important file?

At Pitchero, we encourage all clubs to provide multiple admin access; this ensures the responsibility of your IT is not placed on one person but shared across the committee. 

Whatever happens - your committee will always have access to your website, content and data.

Plus, with Amazon hosting your site, content and data is always backed up and secure.

When you join Pitchero, our security gives you peace of mind.


11. Amateur sport is all we do

Pitchero has one goal - to unite the world of grassroots sport online. 

We do not build technology for anyone else. You are our number one customer. 

We focus on your unique requirements, we understand how a sports club is managed by volunteers and the different pressures this brings - on time and skills.

We understand who you are better than anyone else.

No one knows grassroots sport better than Pitchero.

11. Amateur sport is all we do (1)

12. Incredible value for money

We understand your club finances are tight and the money raised is prioritised to help your members access sport. That’s why we have a broad business reducing the direct costs to your club.

Pitchero makes money through advertising, package fees and payment transactions. These three revenue streams mean we keep the up-front cost of Pitchero very low.

On average, Pitchero clubs will pay less than £10 per week in software fees. This includes membership management and payment tools, website builder template, mobile apps and unlimited hosting. There's also a 30-day no-obligation free trial!

Incredible value you can not beat!