Why Pitchero

15 reasons why your sports club should collect payments online.

1. Increase club revenue

Pitchero research shows that clubs who move payments online collect on average 30% more income!

Why? Because club officials can easily see who has and has not paid. The non-payers are identified and sent email reminders online with a direct link to pay online through the club website. 

No more missed payments. Collect all the cash you are owed with our online payment system.



2. Collect recurring payments and one-off payments

Some members will find it difficult to pay the entire annual membership payment in one month. This may put off players and parents from joining your club.

Pitchero Payments has the option to split payments over several months, creating a recurring payment. This makes it more affordable for members and young families.

The same process can be used to sell season tickets, sports tour money and fundraising donations.

3. Track and record every payment online

Every online payment your club collects is recorded and tracked in real-time in the club control panel. A traffic light system is used to see when a payment is being processed, has been successfully collected or where the payment has failed.

Club officials can instantly react, contacting the member or sending another payment request.


4. Create and download payment reports

Every payment attempted is recorded into the payment database. Club officials can filter by a member’s name, team or role, product type or date.

Reports can be created in seconds and downloaded to Excel.

4.Upload membership data

5. Send emails to members requesting payment

If you know the names of members who owe money (membership fee, fines, match fees, team kit money etc) you can email the member directly and include details of the payment and a link to pay online via the club website.

The member simply follows the link and pays online.

Just like buying a book from Amazon!

6. Send email reminders if payments are late

If a member is late paying or ignores your first payment request - no problem. Just select the member from the payment list and send a payment reminder.

No more chasing around the clubhouse or training pitch! Just a quick, polite email sent to the member’s inbox asking for payment. Job done!


7. Process payments 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

By moving payments online, your club can collect payments any day or time of the week. You are not reliant on the clubhouse being open - or the correct club official being present to collect the payment.

Instead, club members can visit the club website and pay online at a time which suits them. At work, at home, on the bus, on a train - anywhere with access to the Internet.

Now your members have no excuses not to pay.

8. Collect club membership data at the same time

Don’t just collect a payment, renew your member’s details. Make sure the data you have on record is the most recent and updated information.

When making a payment, members can also check their email address, home address and mobile contact number.

The result - your club data is constantly cleansed and improved and your membership database is up to date.

9. Store all of your club data, safe and securely in one place

Payment data along with membership data is stored securely in your club database. No more paper forms which can be lost or unsecured spreadsheets shared over email.

Instead, Pitchero collects and secures all of your vital data online in a secure database - where your club can decide who has access.


10. Your members expect to pay online!

Every member - young and old - will now pay online for products and services.

From flights abroad to TV license, gas bills to Netflix, we all pay for products and services online.

A new player or parent will not have a cheque book. They will instead expect to pay online using a Debit or Credit Card.


11. It’s cheaper than you think

Pitchero charges different fees subject to the package you purchase. Our most popular offer - the Elite Package - charges c.3% per transaction. If you collect £50 from a member, we charge c.£1.50.

Compare the cost of £1.50 to:

  • The time required to collect cash and cheques
  • The bank charges of paying in cash and cheques.
  • Time, ink and paper needed to print forms.
  • The risk of losing cash and cheques.

The cost of using cash and cheques is much higher. Plus, you do not get the extra benefits of a safe, secure online database for your membership data.


12. No more paperwork

Running a club is a minefield of paperwork. Endless forms to fill out, security checks, player passports, health forms...the list goes on and on.

Remove 90% of your payment paperwork by moving all club payments online. No more form filling - just simple online forms which any member can complete 24/7.

13. No more cash or cheques

Very few members will carry cash, even fewer will use a cheque book. 

Instead, they will demand online payments via a credit or debit card, or payments via a new mobile wallet such as Apple Pay. Pitchero provides all of these payment gateways ensuring your club can always receive payment.

Make it easy for your members to pay. Never miss another payment or give an excuse not to pay.

14. No more trips to the bank or statement reconciliation

Forget the endless trips to the banks - waiting in queues to be served. Walking down a street with large amounts of cash in your bag. No club volunteer wants to do this.

Instead, Pitchero Payments will wire the money directly from your member’s bank account to your club bank account within 5 working days.

Be safer and save valuable volunteer time.


15. Complete transparency - less risk of theft

To run a successful club, you must have complete trust amongst all club officials. This includes the management of large amounts of money - particular membership fees.

By collecting your payments online, you will create a digital record of each payment. Your club will enjoy complete transparency on the amount of money collected, how the money was collected and to which bank account it was paid to.