Why Pitchero

18 reasons why your sports club should register and manage club membership online.

1. Zero paperwork

Collecting and storing everything a sports club needs to function efficiently is best done online.

A centrally managed system means that it is easily accessible for everyone. Files will no longer go missing and access can be managed to ensure everyone who needs to see things can get started quickly.

2. Reduce admin

Admin behind the scenes can be a burden at the best of times. With the majority of club officials doing their job on a voluntary basis, saving time and effort admin-wise has never been more important. 

The Pitchero system allows you to collect all information without the need for paper forms and cash/cheques. Our payments reporting tool means no more scrolling through bank statements to see who has/hasn’t paid too!

3. Fewer errors

With everything stored in one place, you can easily view and manage your member’s information. What’s more, you get to control which club officials can do the same.

4. Access proven membership templates

When migrating your membership database to Pitchero, you can use our most popular membership templates. Find something that works for your club and customise it to your liking.

5. Filter data and create instant reports

Analyse key metrics and create insightful reports with just a couple of clicks. Want to know when your members last logged into their account? Or which members haven’t paid membership fees yet? Now you can.

6. Make sure your club is GDPR compliant

Being GDPR-compliant is a sports club’s responsibility and Pitchero handles the transparent collection of consent as well as keeping personal data safe. Have a read of our blog on GDPR for sports clubs.

7. All data stored securely in one place

Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to handling your club’s data. Pitchero does not store bank information or process any payments. Instead, we work with two global online payment providers, GoCardless and Stripe, so clubs can be sure all transactions are protected. 

As for the secure storage of user data by Pitchero, the production system operates in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres who maintain the highest security compliance.

8. One single source of truth

Make your website king. With Pitchero, you can turn your sports club website into the single source of truth for everything relating to your club.

9. Manage and control data access

Total control over which club officials have access to personal user data. Assign roles to control privileges and ensure member’s privacy. Team admins have access to their team’s data, but only their team, so any sensitive information on players from other age groups/sections of the club are not visible.

10. Access data 24/7

Need to view or edit member information on the move? Access your membership database on a mobile, tablet or desktop anytime, anywhere.

11. Allow members to update their own data

If your members need to change their personal information such as telephone number or address, this can be done online by them, with ease. No need to contact a club official. Easier for them, easier for you.

12. Prompt members to keep data updated

Send instant notifications to remind your members to update missing contact information prior to the start of a new season, or for a new membership field you may have added.

13. Use the data to communicate with members

You can use the data your members provide to easily communicate with a relevant audience. Perhaps you need to contact the parents of your U14’s youth team? With Pitchero, it’s easy.

14. Build a marketing database

With easy access to membership information, Pitchero serves as a powerful marketing tool for your club. Send emails promoting your latest social event or your new product for sale. The more members you have, the more powerful it becomes.

15. Use the data to sell club products online

Utilise your database and send club-wide communications or email a specific segment of your membership database. Advertise your upcoming sports tour to Europe or email parents about the latest youth club kit that you are selling in your club shop.

16. Use the data to collect club membership fees online

Endless chasing for annual membership fees would probably rank highly in frustrating jobs for those on sports club committees. With Pitchero, you can send an online payment reminder directly to members and easily keep track of who hasn’t paid.

17. Use the data to inform federations

If your sports governing body needs a snapshot of the key metrics of your club, your Membership Dashboard in your Club Control Panel provides it.

18. Use the data to plan future club developments

Use Pitchero to shape the future of your club. Analyse your membership database with our reporting tools and use it to help make future decisions.