Why Pitchero

Benefits of Match Fees.

1. It’s contactless

Managing match fees online saves time and keeps your members and officials safe.

No need for captains to chase on game-day. Forget hours of staring at bank statements for Treasurers. No handling cash or trips to the bank.

Doing match fees on your phone means clubs don’t need to be there in person; one extra job chalked off.

2. Get paid quicker

Clubs have told us that they benefit in two ways with match fees done this way:

  • Collection of the match fees happens sooner (almost everyone has a phone and a personal bank account).
  • Match fees hit the club account faster (no consolidation of records, counting cash or the wait to visit a high street bank).

3. See who’s paid

It is really easy to instantly see who has paid with Pitchero Match Fees. In the Manager app, just tap Match Fees and select a player.

You will see the amount next to each player and a payment status underneath (either green for paid or red for unpaid).

This makes it obvious in terms of deciding next steps, including selecting players in future.

4. Chase who hasn’t paid

Ask any club and chasing late payments is one of their least enjoyable jobs. The good news is that doing it this way, it’s fast, automated and impersonal.

It can be awkward and annoying to keep asking face-to-face but using the Manager app makes it simpler.

Just tap on a fixture, choose Match fees then a player. In their record, you can show that they’ve paid in cash, add a note or tap request to send out a notification.

5. Better for players and clubs

Volunteers running clubs already have too many jobs and not enough time. Streamlining a big task like match fees means many fewer hours doing all of the admin.

It is convenient and transparent for players or parents too. Using the Club app, anyone can pay their club on their phone in a minute.

They don’t need to have cash on the day, can see what they’ve paid for any fixture and either pay subs for a specific game or are able to settle all outstanding debt in one go.

6. Plan with confidence

Match fees are a key part of the financial picture for sports clubs, along with membership and sponsorship.

Having an accurate, up-to-the-minute overview helps with forward planning and knowing at all times what’s come in and what’s still outstanding.

Organising match fees using mobile apps makes it easier to collect subs and easier to pay them.