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Features and content you will need to update before you start a new season.


1. Moving junior players to a new team

A new season means the majority of your junior and youth players will move to a new team - normally a higher age group.

Pitchero has created a tool which allows team officials to move all players from one age group to another. Club officials should be very cautious when doing this and follow the instructions provided by Pitchero here:

Move members of junior teams to their next age group

2. Adding and removing members is the next task.

Some of your members will have chosen not to continue. These user accounts should be deactivated. 

Likewise, new members will be joining your club. They should be inputted into your database and invited to join the club website.

How to add new members

How to remove members who have left the club

membership (1)


At the start of a new season, you will need to review your online payment products.

You may also decide this is the season to move your payments online - great decision!

Moving payments online is guaranteed to increase club revenue, reduce administration and save hours of volunteer time. To learn more about online club membership payments, click here.

Here’s how to create a new payment product in 2 minutes.


Pitchero provides a tool which allows a club to create season archives. This ensures content uploaded, including: fixtures and results, match reports, stats, videos and photos can be stored against a specific period of time - a season.

All clubs will need to update the season archive at the start of each season. This takes 2 minutes and you can find a guide here:

A new season means new team information, this can be updated by each team admin.

Tasks you should complete:


News and Events

Finally, to start your season with a real bang - you need to upload new content to your website. This includes:

  • News about pre-season fixtures and events.
  • Season table prediction and guides.
  • New signing - perhaps a new manager?
  • New shirt and club merchandise.
  • Special pre-season events.
  • Clubhouse and changing room refurbishment.
  • Ground improvements.

All of this can be uploaded to your club website in minutes.

Click here to see our guide to uploading news items and events.

News and events

Sponsors and commercial partners

All clubs will be working hard to recruit new sponsors ahead of a new season. It is vital that you start the relationship well. 

Make sure your new sponsor is announced on the website with a news article and banners, logos and hyperlinks are added to pages through the website.

Click here to read our guide to updating website sponsors.