Bulk remove member tool

  • Primary Webmasters can save time removing members from the Membership Database by doing it in bulk. 
  • Removing members should still be done carefully to ensure you only remove the member(s) that you wish to.

Filter by member's last logged in date

  • The member’s last log in date is a great indicator of their activity and engagement with the club. If a member hasn’t logged into their account in over a year, the club should communicate with the member differently to re-engage with them so the member doesn’t drift away.

Filter by members with/without the Club app

  • All registered members should have the Pitchero Club app on their phone. It’s the quickest and easiest way for members to stay up-to-date with everything going on at the club, and manage their own account, messages and schedule.

Shop and Payments

New product creation and edit pages

  • A new and simplified layout makes it easier for your club to create any type of product to sell on Pitchero.

New Shop dashboard page

  • The new Shop and payments dashboard provides a summary of what’s happening at your club, including recent transactions and revenue, and a list of members who haven’t paid.
  • The dashboard also changes depending on what stage your club is at collecting payments e.g. yet to add a payment provider, yet to add a product, products all set up and money coming in.

New Shop assignments page

  • The new Assignments page is a great way for Webmasters to see who has/hasn’t paid across different products at once. Webmasters can also send followup payment prompts to all Not Paid assignments in one go.

Reorder product categories

  • At different times of the year, some product categories may be promoted more than others e.g. tickets for a club event in the off season, and membership in the build to the upcoming season.

Reorder product variants

  • Customise the order variants show to match how your club wants to sell products e.g. one-off payment showing before instalments

Add multiple images to products

  • Add multiple product images to provide more details of what the member is buying e.g. a hoody



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