1. Book a demo

We have an expert team who work closely with community clubs of all shapes and sizes. From non-league football to junior netball. We know every club inside out.

Book a short telephone or video call with an account manager today and let them take you through each stage, step-by-step.

They offer excellent advice covering website set-up, member registration, online payments and team management.

2. There’s never a good time to start - so start now!

Creating a new website is much easier than you think. Most clubs are surprised about just how easy and quick it is. You don’t need to wait for 2 free days or a week off work.

You just need a few hours with your laptop - in front of the TV or sitting in the garden.

So no more excuses, sign up today and begin your Pitchero journey.

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3. It’s all about teamwork.

The formula to a high traffic club website is:

Great content + frequent updates + lots of admins = HUGE TRAFFIC

To do this, you need to give all club officials restricted access to the club control panel. Every team needs at least 2 admins - a coach and a team manager.

Clubs with 10 teams should have 20+ club website admins.

Clubs with 20 teams should have 40+ club website admins.

Website admins = content. Content = traffic.


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4. Asking for help is one call away

Pitchero is based in Leeds and we have an excellent team of support agents waiting to take your calls or answer your emails.

Even better, if you are passing our office (just off the M62) why not call in for a drink? We serve the finest Yorkshire Tea and coffee. (No joke, even our coffee is roasted in Yorkshire!)

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5. Check out what other clubs are doing

A great way to improve your website is to keep an eye on other Pitchero clubs.

The best way to do this is to follow the Pitchero Rankings. Each week, we update the rankings, listing clubs by traffic and content.

Go to your sports ranking page and check out the clubs in the Top 10. Have a look at the content they are posting, content quality and frequency.

Have a look at the match report, video and photos.

Also, take a look at the social media feeds - clubs with high traffic constantly post website updates across all social media channels.

You can learn a huge amount just by following other Pitchero clubs.