1. An easy-to-use, customisable registration form

Create a professional, simple registration form for your new members to complete. Add your own fields to customise the form to suit your club’s needs. When members register with your club, they’ll automatically be asked to complete the form.

2. An easy-to-use, customisable database

Easily pinpoint a specific member’s details, or edit your database to show the fields you are most interested in. No need to trawl through pages of information, set up your database just how you like it.

3. A registration form and a database

Use one of our suggested templates for new member registration. Once completed, new members will automatically be added to your membership database. If you already have a database, you can import it directly into Pitchero.

4. Custom fields

Create custom fields for your members to fill out. Add an option for people to volunteer their time to the club or offer a sponsorship proposal if they’re a business owner.

5. Filters and reports

Use filters to easily sort through your membership database and find the information you need. Once you have it, you can export it as a report and share with relevant committee members.

6. Online payment integration

Collect membership fees online with our integrated secure online payment system.

Take the stress out of payment collection by allowing members to purchase membership through your website or app, and sending reminders when membership fees are overdue.

Establish recurring payments so your members can automatically pay their fees on the due dates.

7. Integration with team management features

Pitchero acts as a Club management tool, as well as assisting with the individual team management.

The system is fully equipped to assist you in viewing and collecting membership information, communicating with your members and prompting them for payment, information and availability, as well as allowing you to view player availability and make team selections.


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8. Integration with emails and club communication

Once your members are registered to Pitchero, you can contact them in a variety of ways. 

You can set up a group chat with a specific team and communicate via instant message within the Pitchero Club app. 

Or, you can use our built-in email system to send emails to a wider audience. Use the membership tools to filter and find the audience you need, compose your email and hit send.

9. Flexible access settings for team managers and club officials

Control who can see what. With Pitchero, you can set up your site so that committee members can only see sections that are relevant to their position. For instance, allow your senior coaches to view only senior team information.

10. Data imports and member invite features

Easily import your existing membership database into Pitchero and invite your members to join the site via email.

Pitchero Clubhouse Excel sync with Pitchero

11. Data exports to Excel

Easily export data from your membership database in spreadsheet format.

12. GDPR compliant and terms of service

Pitchero handles the transparent collection of consent as well as keeping personal data safe. You can rest assured that we will ensure your sports club adheres to all data protection laws.

Full details regarding terms of service can be found here: https://www.pitchero.com/terms-of-service

13. How to get started

Getting set up with Pitchero takes a matter of minutes. Sign up for free here and create your new sports club website today.