Why Pitchero

Pitchero Match Fees: See why clubs love it!

Sevenoaks Hockey Club

Part of the problem with collecting match fees in person is the extra admin burden for captains and Treasurers.

Sevenoaks Hockey Club’s Treasurer Fran Walton likes that it’s easier to understand the overall picture:

‘It makes keeping track of match fees, who owes what and who has paid a much easier process and I would definitely recommend Pitchero to any club.’

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Newark Rugby Club

Newark Rugby club use Pitchero's online payments, including match fees, because of its 24/7 availability, no need for real-time staff contact, cash audit trails and ditching bank visits.

Saving administration time and expense is important to Newark with the reports helping with accurate budgeting and VAT calculations.

John Perkins is one of the rugby club's Webmasters and thinks collecting match fees online frees up volunteer time and makes their lives better by automating many of the manual tasks:

'Check out the amount of admin time and expense you currently spend on collecting funds and give serious thought to how this type of collection system could fit into your club and save you time and money.'

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Mid-Sussex Hockey Club

Mid-Sussex Hockey Club began using Pitchero Match Fees because they wanted the visibility and transparency of collecting the money online.

The importance of contactless due to Covid-19 has also made many clubs re-think. As Martin Headey put it:

‘Because of the pandemic, standing order and direct debit approaches became challenging. Not handling cash is important...there are so many benefits, including the visibility of transactions.’

His advice? ‘Do your maths and make sure you understand the costs and factor it in, however, if you believe you need closer control over your payments, then use Match Fees.’

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North Kildare Cricket Club

North Kildare Cricket Club's President Ronan Cruise wanted a way to reduce their annual subscription and increase membership. Match fees needed to be a flexible, pay-as-you-play route, in light of coronavirus.

Ronan recommends: 'I would say to clubs not to be put off by past experiences. If they are of a mind to try then using an online system for managing match fees is a very different experience to asking captains to go around the dressing room looking for money.'

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Elstow Cricket Club

Fiona Tanswell, of Elstow Cricket Club, opted for Pitchero Match Fees to boost their income:

'It was to make my life easier as Treasurer and I felt we were missing out on some fees as we were relying on the captains to keep a record of who had paid.'

As a result, Elstow are collecting fees from nearly all players now and would recommend others to try it out:

'It is so easy to set up and use, players get a notification, can just pay straight away and the fees go straight into the bank.'

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Tunbridge Wells Hockey Club

Tunbridge Wells Hockey Club give opportunities to play across dozens of teams and that provides its own challenges.

For Kira Boulton, doing match fees this way helps volunteers but it is also the most convenient option to pay on your phone in less than a minute: 'It makes life easier for everyone in the modern world. I was also carrying a lot of cash around for banking.' 

An inclusive approach to pricing match fees gives casual players a chance too: 'People have two options to pay & play during the summer for one-off games. I don’t have to chase people for money when they forget the cash. It’s so, so easy, switch over & do it all via Pitchero.'

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