Why Pitchero

Pitchero membership works! Read these club case studies.

Chinnor RFC

Chinnor RFC has embraced online payments to make it easy for members to pay online, collect subscriptions and track payments. Membership Secretary Sean Reid said:

“I think Pitchero Payments works very well indeed. As a club, we have around 900 paying members, do about 600 transactions a season and take tens of thousands in revenue.” 

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Harvesters FC

Harvesters FC generated almost £200,000 in their first two years of Pitchero Payments but it has also helped their planning, according to their Secretary, Jess Austin:

“In this time, it has made our processes and accounting far more accurate and transparent to manage.”

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Fullerians RFC

For Fullerians RFC’s Treasurer Peter Samuel, saving time has been a key benefit: “Registration used to be a paper exercise, collecting forms and cheques. It was an admin nightmare. Doing that all digitally, with a membership database, has cut down on the admin ten-fold.”

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ICA Sports FC

Another benefit to streamlining membership is that it lets players, coaches and managers concentrate on their sports roles.

As Vice Chairman Steve Purnell put it: They (the coaches) have jobs to do and chasing money isn’t one of them. If Pitchero’s doing it online, it makes it a lot easier for everybody.

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Newbury Blues

Matt Spencer is Membership Secretary at Newbury RFC and appreciates the ease of Pitchero for those running club sport:

“If someone signs up online, it’s much, much easier. All of us are volunteers and we definitely encourage people to go online, I wouldn’t be able to do it otherwise.”

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Sutton Coldfield Hockey Club

Committee member Matt Jones flagged up the importance of delivering what a club’s members expect in terms of how and when they can pay:

“The experience has been very good. It’s been very popular with the members, particularly the ability to spread subscriptions over months.”

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