Throughout the summer, Pitchero hosts weekly webinars. These are free for all club admins/coaches/team managers and designed to provide an overview of a key theme or feature.

The webinar is normally hosted by an account manager. It’s always online and includes a screen demo. We always welcome questions and follow-up calls.

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The Pitchero Blog is almost 12 years old! Packed with an archive of great articles to help coaches and club officials. Updated regularly, be sure to check out the most recent posts.  If you are a Pitchero club admin, you should receive a weekly newsletter with links to the latest posts.

Our most popular blog posts of all time include:


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Help Centre

The Pitchero Help Centre is designed to make it easier for you to find the information you need. 

With so many features built into our platform, it's easy to forget how to complete some tasks that you might not carry out regularly.

Whether you're looking to add this season's kit to your shop, send payment reminders to new members, manage roles or schedule training sessions, our Help Centre has the answers.

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