Why Pitchero

What does Pitchero Payments offer my sports club?

1. A low-cost, easy-to-use online payment system

Pitchero Payments provides hundreds of grassroots community clubs with a simple online payment processing feature. 

This enables the clubs to collect payments from their members’ bank accounts and direct the funds to the club bank account.

The system is low cost, easy to set up, reduces paperwork and volunteer time.

The Pitchero Payments feature can be used for: membership fees, match fees, fundraising, donations and sports tour money.

Plus, we also provide a fully integrated online shop, which can be used to sell: season tickets, social events, club merchandise and player kit.



2. Collect payments via your club website and mobile app

The payments features work seamlessly across your club website and mobile app. 

When members download the free Pitchero Club app, they can access the same payments and use mobile payment gateways such as Apple Pay and Android Pay to complete online payments in seconds.

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3. Built for amateur and community sports clubs just like yours

We work with thousands of sports clubs. We review different membership forms every week, understanding the complex nature of teams and families.

We’ve built a system with community volunteer sports at its core; low cost, easy to use yet flexible, scalable and sophisticated enough to meet the requirements of the biggest and most demanding clubs.

4. Ideal for membership fees, match subs, club merchandise, fundraising, match tickets and lots more!

Hundreds of clubs already use Pitchero Payments to collect annual and recurring membership fees. As well as selling club merchandise online and raising much-needed donations.

5. Credit card and direct debit payment processing

We accept all major credit and debit cards, from all major banks. Our charges are very low with ZERO set-up fees.

6. Payment tracking and downloadable reports

Every payment your club collects is recorded online in real-time. We use a traffic light system to record payments in process, completed and failed.

Your club will have a complete 360° view on its membership finances at all times.

7. Full integration with the Pitchero membership database

Every payment collected via your club website or mobile app will be recorded next to the member’s information in the club database. This means your club will have a record of every payment each member completes online: membership, match fees, sports tour money. 

All payment information for each member stored in one secure place, online.

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8. Shared access

Rather than one person controlling all online payments, Pitchero allows multiple admin access. This means different Webmasters can access the payment feature and manage the payments they control.

For example:

The senior treasurer can manage - senior membership payments.

The junior treasurer can manage - junior membership payments.

The fundraising officer can manage - online donations.

The retailer manager - can manage the online shop.

The role of collecting and managing payments is now shared.

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9. Bank-level safety and security

Pitchero does not store bank details. Instead, we work with FCA-approved payment partners GoCardless and Stripe who process the payment on our behalf.

Both GoCardless and Stripe use military level encryption to ensure all your bank details are secure and safe.

10. Excellent support and best practice

Pitchero has a team of support agents and account managers standing by ready to help your club. We can advise on payment structure, set up and ongoing performance. 

We can also discuss the best package to reduce your payment fees.