1. Members prefer to pay in cash

Wrong. 99% of your members will prefer to pay using a debit or credit card at a time which suits them - at home or work online using a computer or iPad.

Of the 1% who prefer cash, this is no problem. Process the cash manually (paperwork and trip to the bank) then log the payment in the control panel as a ‘Manual Payment.’

99% of your members will still enjoy the benefits of online payments.

2. We have older members who do not own a computer

No problem. Accept cash or a cheque as the payment and process. This is then allocated as a manual payment in the club control panel. This member is still able to pay and your remaining members still get the benefits of online payments.


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3. It's too expensive

If you compare all the costs of collecting payments manually versus collecting payments online, we think online payments are excellent value for money and cheaper!

Cost of collecting payments manually with cash and cheques:

  • Bank charge for depositing a cheque/cash
  • Costing of printing paperwork
  • Costing of driving to the bank and parking
  • Your time collecting the cash and cheques
  • Your time going to the bank and standing in a queue
  • The risk of losing the cash or cheques, and the risk of the cash being stolen


Cost of collecting payments online:

  • On average £1.65 per payment.


Great value!

4. It will take too long to set up

Most clubs can be set up and collecting payments online within 30 mins, plus we have a fantastic support team on hand to help your club get started.

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