Your new Manager App.

Calling all coaches and team managers! Save hours of time managing your team with new Manager app from Pitchero.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


"Great app for managers so I highly suggest you get this app 👍"

"I find this app really simple to use and great for keeping track on the whole process of running a junior football team."

"The app is a great addition and makes running my club so much easier when I'm out and about"

Edit fixtures and results

  • Everything in one place
  • Edit teams, match dates and kick off times
  • Send match alerts to players and parents
  • Be organised like never bedore!
  • Download iOS or Android

Manage your members

  • Message players and parents
  • Upload contacts from your phone
  • Manage all your players in one place
  • Download iOS or Android

Message players and parents

  • Send group messages to players and parents
  • Or one to one private messages
  • Save time and improve team communication
  • Download iOS or Android

Create instant match videos!

  • Video every game
  • Record live match statistics
  • Create instant highlights and post online in seconds
  • No post-match editing
  • Share clips across Facebook and Twitter
  • Download iOS or Android

"This app has transformed how we see availability of players and with the added messaging service allows us to get the message out there..."

"Pitchero has transformed the way we organise ourselves at the club. The back room stuff has revolutionised our finances and given them a sorely needed transparency. The site is a real draw and a great asset and the apps are really the icing on the cake..."

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play