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Manage Facilities

1. Take payments for venue hire online

Clubs, on the Elite or Ultimate package, can hire out their facilities and accept instant online bookings using the integration with Bookteq.

That’s income straight to the club bank account, no face-to-face meetings or paper diary tracking who’s hired what and when.

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How to get started:

  1. Link a facility bookings account with Bookteq with your Pitchero website
  2. Add the Bookteq plugin to your Pitchero website
  3. Learn from other clubs on how they use it

Useful guides:

Getting started with Bookteq
How Enfield Cricket Club use Bookteq


2. Hire out pitch, bar & facilities

Any indoor or outdoor space and venue can be hired out - but by doing it online, your club is able to sell those all the time, not just when a club official is available to call or meet in person.

With Bookteq integrated with your Pitchero club website, everything is in one place and easy to manage.

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How to get started:

  1. Choose a venue/space to show in the Bookteq plugin
  2. Check they appear in the calendar on your club website

Useful guides:

Adding/amending venues/spaces on Pitchero

View the Bookteq calendar on your Pitchero website

3. Show customers what’s available and when

Each club gets a Bookteq calendar that displays on their Pitchero website so there are no double bookings or confusion for either customers or club.

Clubs have full control over choosing what areas of a club or different venues can be hired. This can be edited at any time as demand or circumstances change.

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How to get started:

  1. Add, edit or remove spaces or venues available to hire

Useful guides:

View the Bookteq calendar on your Pitchero website
What can be booked and managed online?

4. Manage multiple venues in one place

The advantage of using Bookteq, via your Pitchero club website, is the ability to see all of your club’s bookings across all of your sites.

With bigger clubs and multiple grounds, it could get confusing and unwieldy with spreadsheets and changing availability.

But, a club official doesn’t need separate accounts, logins or software.

Instead, this centralised approach means a club volunteer can view and edit information for any venue hire. It’ll save time and be easier to understand.

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How to get started:

  1. Think about what venues and spaces your club could hire out
  2. Decide on pricing and availability
  3. Connect Bookteq with Pitchero
  4. Set up your venues or spaces in Pitchero
  5. Share your facilities calendar with club members to spread the word!

Useful guides:

Our guide to using Bookteq on your club website

5. Use our calculator to project use and revenue

Increasing the use of your club and its facilities throughout the year will bring extra income flowing in.

Our revenue calculator gives you a guide as to what your club could earn in future.

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How to get started:

  1. Use the revenue calculator to estimate what your club could earn
  2. Sign up for Bookteq via Pitchero
  3. Connect Bookteq to your club website

Useful guides:

Bookteq facility hire: how much could you earn?

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