Be Volunteer Happy

Reduce Club Admin

1. Register members online

Registering members online collects all their vital information in one place for clubs to use at a later date. It saves time by being quicker to access, read, share if necessary and edit.

No printing paper, face-to-face registration days, trying to read messy handwriting or overwhelming filing systems managed by one club official. 

Instead, the data is always available to those managing the club and everything is GDPR-compliant.

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How to get started:

  1. Create an online membership form for new members
  2. Collate existing members data into an excel spreadsheet and import to your membership database
  3. Send invites to any existing members that are yet to register - Once they are registered they will be able to receive club communication and players can use the availability and selection tools

Useful guides:

Adding members to your membership database

Creating an online form with membership fields

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2. Use the Manager App

Coaches and team managers can use the Manager App to organise training sessions, select sides for matches, prompt player availability and message individuals or groups.

All this can be done on the move, 24/7, with a phone. It’s convenient and a faster process.

Using the Manager App improves communication as coaches can see who is available and chase players with a few taps to send a reminder.  

Those running teams can also use the Manager App to post live scores pitchside with the website and Club App automatically updated.

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How to get started:

  1. Add all of your coaches to your membership database and invite them to join.
  2. When joining they’ll be prompted to download the Manager app.

Useful guides:

How to use the Pitchero Manager App

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3. Share the workload

Pitchero allows for clubs to assign roles and share access to files and functionality. This means workload for overseeing teams, membership and website management can all be distributed.

Club members, players, coaches, staff, team admins and webmasters can all be given the specific access and permissions they need to work online. These can be edited easily and removed if needs be.

It will help to prevent one person having control of the whole club website which can be problematic if he or she leaves or is unavailable.

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How to get started:

  1. Work out which of your volunteers need access.
  2. Add them to your membership database and give them the correct roles.
  3. Invite them to your site to register.

Useful guides:

Managing Access

Managing Roles

4. Collect payments online

By collecting payments online, clubs can sell anything from match fees to membership and social events to club kit on their website or Club App.

It has been shown to bring in up to 70% more revenue because it’s easier to buy products online, plus members get a convenient service that’s always open!

Captains don’t have to chase players for cash, no more deciphering bank statements or bank trips. It saves time and stress for volunteers every week.

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How to get started:

  1. Create a club account with one (or both) of our Payment Providers
  2. Create your products - these are the things your members will buy and can be one-off or recurring payments
  3. Put the product live on your website and even invite members to purchase/subscribe

Useful guides:

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5. Promote the Club App

Picking teams, allied with the communication involved, can take a lot of time and effort.

By using the Club App, players or parents can see what games are coming up and set their availability.

With automated push notifications for news items, messages, fixture updates and more - the Club App makes admin simpler and easier, for complete club communication.

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How to get started:

  1. Make sure your Team Admins know how to use Pitchero to do things like send messages, send availability requests to players and parents, and publish squads.
  2. Ensure the Club App download links are prominent on your site. Some clubs do this with quick links, whilst others will create news or custom sections with instructions for getting and using the Club App.
  3. For existing members you can use filters in your membership database to see who has already downloaded the Club App.
  4. Send an email to those members without the app with links to the App Store and Google Play.

Useful guides:

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Free resources to promote the Club App

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